In the mornings, the Museum opens exclusively for pre-registered groups of students or kindergarten children who visit the exhibition and then work creatively at the Studio.

We offer various age-appropriate formats and topics, all referencing the exhibition in content and practice. Dates to be agreed upon individually (maximum group size 20 persons; larger groups will be split up).

Students and kindergarten children at the Museum

1 hour guided tour + 1 hour at the studio
Participation fee: 50 € per group plus 2 €per person for materials


Do windows separate us from the outside world or connect us to it? We focus on the forms of windows, their raster, different points of view and perspectives. Drawings on acrylic glass and paper cuts will be created.



Slides are like little windows, two pieces of glass surrounded by a frame. After visiting the exhibition, slides will be painted and filled with natural materials and liquid paint at the Studio. The results will be projected onto the wall or our own bodies.



Free classroom materials are available on our WEBSITE
We also sell the materials as bound copies at the museum shop.


T +49 (0)6172 404-127, F + 49 (0) 6172 404-130,

Even if not expressly verbally noted, all genders are always included.

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