For children aged 7 to 13
Visual artists, musicians and actors lead the Art Camps for children during the vacations, taking participants on artistic and experimental discovery trips through the Schlossgarten gardens and the woods. Activities include drawing, printing, photography, painting, writing and music-making. All programmes include lunch.

The Art Camps focus entirely upon “insects”, observing the exhibition’s content and offering time and space for artistic experimentation.
Together with artists from the visual arts, music, theatre and design, children will experiment with the subjects of the exhibition Beating Wings.


October 7–10 (4 days), 9 am – 3:30 pm daily
Autumn Art Camp for children aged 7 to 13:
180 € per child and course, siblings: 80 €
The programme includes lunch.

During the Autumn Art Camp, children observe the world from the perspective of an insect: suddenly, our sense of proportion and view of the world change.

Art Camps at the Museum Sinclair-Haus offer children the opportunity to engage in artistic activities and experience art, experiment with various forms of expression and try out their own ideas. They provide a blank slate for research and discovery as well as individual creativity. Participating children take photographs, paint, draw, print and build, write fantastical stories and think up musical sound compositions (techniques vary from course to course).

Visual artists, musicians and actors work with the children in and with nature. After a joint start, small groups try out varying artistic techniques and explore different themes, under the artists’ supervision. After a shared lunch, there is an opportunity to work further on the morning’s themes or turn to new ones.

The courses are designed for children aged 7 to 13 who are interested in continuous exploration of art, music and language, and who are already accustomed to independent work and study through their course work at school. The programmes include lunch.



Please register via mail, email or fax.
T +49 (0)6172 404-125, F + 49 (0) 6172 404-130,

Please pay the participation fee one week before the beginning of the course at the latest by writing it to the following account:
Stiftung Nantesbuch gGmbH, Bethmann Bank AG Frankfurt
IBAN: DE94 5012 0383 0001 9052 98, BIC: DELBDE33XXX


Even if not expressly verbally noted, all genders are always included.

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