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    What is Nature?
    A literary short film project in four parts
    With Julia Pitsch and Leon Häder
    Director: Kornelius Eich
    Costumes: Mareike Wehrmann
    Video artist: Benjamin Lüdtke

    YouTube: Stiftung Nantesbuch. Kunst und Natur,
    Playlist Museum Sinclair-Hausstarting Wed, Nov. 11

    This project explores the question “What is nature?” in a series of four short films. Taking individual artifacts in the exhibition as their point of departure, the films offer their own perspective in conjunction with literary and poetic texts. Various genres and styles flash by – film as an experimental laboratory. Where will the journey end, as texts by Dietmar Dath, Philip K. Dick, Marlen Haushofer and Silke Scheuermann open rooms for thought and explore further notions about nature?

    I. Poem Meets Artifact
    The exhibition becomes the venue for an exploration of the meeting between visual art, science and literature. The first film approaches the artifacts exhibited by way of literary texts and poems: an experiment with different views of what we call nature.

    II. Future Past
    We eliminate humankind and look back. Only the last two remaining humans walk through an exhibition of the past, asking themselves: why did the loud, stinky, all-encompassing occupancy of humanity end so violently? Why did humankind have to experience the end it did?

    III. Reality“
    Die Wand” (The Wall) by Marlen Haushofer. Two actresses recite the text. Places change, and words gain space. What is the nature of humankind?

    IV. Westerburg – A Film Noir
    Hat pulled deep into her face. Hardly any light. Rain. The case must be solved. The suspect sits across from her, and the interrogation begins. The interview room has a slightly museum-like quality. What will she learn? 

    The videos will be available from November 11 onwards on the website of the Museum Sinclair-Haus and on the YouTube channel of the Nantesbuch Foundation for Art and Nature on the Museum Sinclair-Haus playlist.

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