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    Klaus Modick in conversation with Catherine Mundt of the hr2-kultur radio station
    YouTube: Stiftung Nantesbuch. Kunst und Natur, 
    Playlist Museum Sinclair-Haus
    Online starting on Wednesday, Oct. 14

    Klaus Modick’s novella “Moos” (Moss) is about the biologist Lukas Ohlburg, who spends his life doing systematic, scientifically distanced research on plants, but shortly before his death experiences a change: Ohlburg develops a strong affinity for moss, which he cannot deny and refuses to do so. He experiences a painful longing for connection, all the way to becoming one with moss, which makes everything, man and moss alike, equally valuable to him. Klaus Modick’s literary debut is currently being rediscovered. The author reads from “Moos” and discusses his first novella with Catherine Mundt, including the question what it has to do with our view of nature today.

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