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    Collective creativity – why we invented the internet and what to do with it now

    Wednesday, January 8, 7 pm

    Lecture by Prof. Karin Bjerregaard Schlüter, responsible for strategic development and digital teaching in the extra-occupational master’s degree course Leadership in Digital Innovation, University of the Arts Berlin

    Almost invisibly, the digital and analogous worlds have merged. Kitchen machines download their own recipes, information is delivered to us in tailored doses in real time, and our flats know better than we do when it’s time for an airing. Digitalization changes our world, but are we changing our work and life habits at the same rate? Habits have a bad reputation: they are considered rigid, inflexible and obstacles to progress. In reality, though, they are one factor in our success as a species. For example, the reflex of looking left first when crossing a road has saved many a life. It also helps survival rates to intuitively smell any new foodstuff to check its edibility. Still, we and our routines are coming under a lot of stress. Digitalization calls into question many work and life habits, apparently dividing us into flexible and retarded, into digital natives and immigrants. Does that have to be the case? What might routines for this new area be?

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