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    An astonishing portrait of an annoying insect
    Wednesday, August 14, 7 pm
    Peter Geimer in conversation with Alf Mentzer of the radio station hr2-kultur

    Flies bother us; wherever they appear, they are disturbing, and remarkably obtrusive too. No wonder that a veritable literature of condemnation against these helpless insects has developed, going back to antiquity. In his portrait of the supposedly superfluous insect, art historian Peter Geimer shows astonishingly many facets of the fly. He describes the fascination with its special eye apparatus in the history of film and photography and in painting too, and elucidates the central role the fly plays in the scientific decoding of the genome. (In German.)
    Fee: 9 €

    Peter Geimer (Ed.): Fliegen. Ein Portrait, published by Matthes & Seitz, Berlin


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