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    “My Butterfly Year”
    Wednesday, August 7, 7 pm
    Peter Henning in conversation with Daniella Baumeister of the radio station hr2-kultur

    Peter Henning has made one of his dreams come true: at the age of seven, he caught his first butterflies in the Main meadows. 50 years later, he embarked upon a great butterfly excursion. For an entire year, he crisscrossed Europe. In conversation with Daniella Baumeister, he discusses the Spanish moon moth and its tango dancing, caterpillars which camouflage themselves as snakes and more. He decodes behavioural patterns and survival strategies of these versatile quick-change artists. (In German.)
    Fee: 9 €

    Peter Henning, Mein Schmetterlingsjahr, published by Konrad Theiss Verlag


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