June 28 to October 17, 2020

Rubbish is what mankind leaves behind. Although these remains disappear from our sight, they continue to exist: the global population produces 3.5 million tons of refuse every day – an endless mass of things which must be administered, rediscovered and recycled, and raw material from which new things may be produced. This transformation process creates the illusion of transmutation without residues – a false conclusion. For many of these remainders gather, accumulate and thus become part of nature and landscape: the trash vortex in the North Pacific is at least 700,000 square kilometres in size. Cities, countries and the oceans are affected by this flood of things. The exhibition REMAINS shows works by artists who render the transformation of nature through humanity’s “leftovers” visible. Both the meaning of the material itself and the social dimension of these “remains” will be the focus of attention.

Ghizlane Sahli, Histoires de Tripes 061, 2018



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