October 1, 2017 to February 4, 2018

Contemporary artists whose works reflect nature and landscape keep returning to books
and typography as a form of expression. Pages of script or carved books are used to
compose landscapes, and natural materials serve to create book objects.

Books and writings reveal images, panoramas, almost infinite numbers of “new worlds” to
readers. Artists recognize these landscapes within the objects themselves: in their
reworking, various scenarios resembling nature are revealed, such as the line of the
horizon, mountains, valleys, gorges and meadows. Fairy-tales and stories are expressed
visually in sculptures growing out of open books or out of books of glass, whose
transparent nature allows forsaken forests and the deep blue sea to be glimpsed.

Lori Nix, Library, 2007

“This, then, was a strange place. Everything was made of books. The mountains, the fir
trees, even the flowers were little books made of red morocco, no larger than pocket
calendars. Sniffing them, you immediately knew a beautiful story. Even the birds were
books, singing in verse of springtime and love.”

Ernst Penzoldt

Printed excerpts from famous literary works are translated into watercolours bridging the boundaries between word and image. If words or entire sentences are painted over on
pages of a book, the remaining words combine to form totally different meanings,
resembling word maps.

The destructive confluence of fire and books is reflected by contemporary artists: burnt
books become impressive metaphors of their endangerment by mankind and nature.
Then there is the question whether books will remain a companion to mankind, or if books
should long have been recognized as “endangered species”. Thus, the exhibition
transforms the Museum Sinclair-Haus into a universal library where very different artistic
means of expression find a home.

Featured artists: Su Blackwell, Jonathan Callan, Thimo Franke, Hubertus Gojowczyk,
Sharka Hyland, Anish Kapoor/Brighten the Corners, Gunther Keusen, Anselm Kiefer,
Cornelia Konrads, Alicja Kwade, Guy Laramée, John Latham, Alicia Martín, Michael
Merkel, Nanne Meyer, Hannes Möller, Lori Nix, Katie Paterson, Max Schmelcher, irem
Tok, Stephanie Wolff, Peter Wüthrich, Yi Sun.

The exhibition includes works on loan from the “Hohenheimer Holzbibliothek (Xylothek)”,
the “Wooden Library” in Hohenheim.

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