Visitor Information, May 2020

We welcome your visits from 13 September, especially in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Please note the following before you visit the museum.

Will you need a protective facemask?
Yes, masks covering mouth and nose must be worn in all the museum spaces. You may bring your own facemask or buy a disposable mask at the museum ticket office.

Is there a rule for admissions?

Yes. A limited number of visitors may be inside the museum at any given time.

How do admissions work?
1. Outside the entrance, you will find a basket with colourful clothespins. If the basket is empty, please wait inside the courtyard until a person leaves the museum and a clothespin becomes available. Please keep 1.5 metres distance in the courtyard as well.
2. Disinfect your hands and the clothespin using the spray provided.
3. Affix the clothespin to your clothing so that it is fully visible.
4. After leaving the exhibition, please disinfect the clothespin and replace it inside the basket.

Inside the Museum:
Tickets are available at the ticket shop. Please try to pay via EC card and avoid using cash.
Inside the museum, please keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres.
Please wait at narrow passages and stairways until the area is clear of persons.
Please avoid forming groups of any kind.
No liquids whatsoever are allowed inside the exhibition. This also applies to hand sanitizers and disinfectants.
Please comply with sneezing and coughing etiquette.

Are guided tours and events taking place?
Until further notice, we are unable to offer guided tours or events. Information on the exhibition and digital programmes can be found on our homepage:

Is the shop open?
At the moment, we are not offering perusal copies. Catalogues, postcards, literature and our educational collections can be purchased as usual at the museum’s ticket shop.

Is the Sinclair-Lounge open?
No, the Lounge is closed. Beverages are not available for purchase.

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We look forward to welcoming you!

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